Kyng is a singer/songwriter, actor, dancer and producer amongst many of talents. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he attended high school at Philadelphia Creative and Performing Arts, aka CAPA High School, where many know artist such as Boyz II Men, The Roots and Jazmine Sullivan have attended to name a few.


His sound can be compared to those of Adele, Usher, Boyz II Men and just about any artist who encapsulates the true essence of life, love and real music; whether it'd be R&B, pop, country or EDM. 


Throughout his career thus far, he has accomplished many of his goals that he set as a child. He was an opening act for R.Kelly back in 2018. He has been noticed on Instagram by many notable veterans in the music industry  such as Dianne Warren, Muni Long, Lelee Lyons (SWV), Wanya Morris (Boyz II Men) and many more! He’s done numerous productions, stage plays, and musicals. He is a member and Alumnus of the Kimmel Center for The Performing Arts in Philadelphia. He was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer back in 2020 , F State Magazine Issue 008 in 2021 and Shoutout Atlanta Magazine in 2022!


Additionally, Kyng was one of 3 winners for Wan Wednesday Season 1, which was created by Multi Grammy Award Winning group member, Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men. Morris now, is a leader, mentor and brother to Kyng, who has been inspired by him since a young age.


Kyng remains certain that his name will be in lights any day as he continues to stay true to his passion and embark on his musical journey all while being backed by music industry vets. He travels from city to city doing what he loves best and will stop at nothing until the world knows who he is! Kyng, has been an opening act to many celebrities and is continuing to prosper in the field of entertainment. Kyng is definitely on the rise so follow him on his journey to healing and moving the world through music!

Follow him on Instagram: @kyngmusik